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iPod is  on sale at 7/11 convenience stores throughout Japan.
The boxes on display are actually empty. You merely take the one of your choice up to the cashier and they will hand you a standard iPod box in completion of your purchase. 

Thanks to JARK @ Flickr




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From Nike India

 And from WWF Spain by Contrapuncto

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Why do certain brands always seem to be present in some back area of your mind, so that you’d only have to see the name and there’s an image inside your head?

‘Verbal Identity’ expert Scott Milano from Interbrand talked to Ping Mag and explained how and why the sound of a brand name is so important. Click here for the full interview.


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Q110 from Deutsch Bank gives a new definition to Banking Experience.

The basic idea is that private and business clients should experience new and forward-looking concepts for banking business. For the first time, they enter a branch without barriers, without counters keeping visitors at a distance. In the Forum, customers meet relationship managers for their initial informal discussions.

Kids Corner is where children are looked after professionally while their parents concentrate on banking matters.

The Lounge is a place to relax in, to chat with friends and enjoy tasty snacks and refreshments.

The Trend Shop (!!!)  has a constantly changing assortment of new and trendy products.

On top of that, customers in Q110, as in a supermarket, can find the financial products they are looking for in attractive product boxes that they can take home with them. Bank products become tangible.

Q110 is also a platform for testing new technologies.

Customers come face to face with themes that go beyond purely financial needs. This is a design concept for the future.






You can also visit here for a quick virtual tour.

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Well this is another proof that we are living in a strange (but fascinating) world .It looks like half of the earth population striving to find  descent water sources while the other half goes out of it’s way to sell water.Putting the world social and environmental  issues aside, we are very impressed with the innovative and creative world of bottled water design.

Antipodes from  New Zealand.Stunning pure, clean and simple in shape and graphic styles.

Looks like a real fine bath foam that will fit nicely in our bathroom.


 Smart Water purity you can taste and feel only by looking at this elegant slender



Sei Water  you can hold it comfortably in your hand and it fits easily in your pocket, in your briefcase, in your purse or in your sports bag  


 G Pure Energy curvy and sexy from Norway , selling high-end water to the masses

pureenergy.jpg Fred the friendly water disguised as booze1230968787_m.jpg

Tynant water amazingly shaped bottle, “organic” and asymmetrical form…  Here is an interesting interview with the designer Ross Lovegrove     

water.jpg  4.jpg   

OGO water  “the breathing water”  looking like perfume will fit nicely on your make up   shelf. ogonet.jpg I love is a fashion magazine with a built in bottle or vice versa…


1 litre, a stylish bottle with a lid that dabbles as  a cup


Metromint the pepermint water.

Clean, bold and vibrant in shape and refreshing graphic design. Quite a refreshing attitude to water graphic style.



Bling H2O Pretty taste, Pretty face. Indeed.

Designed for the super-luxury consumer: frosted, corked bottles exquisitely handcrafted with genuine Swarovski crystals .


And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Now , you probably murmur to yourself, do we really need another bloody water?? Apparently the people from the new water brand Another bloody water  think we do.

What can we say, they have a really good sense of humor and sense of style in packaging.


There are some  other voices, seeing all this as a crazy waste (and they are right of course…), and aiming to encourage us to drink tap water (where possible of course) save our money and give it to those who really need good drinking water.

Here are 2 examples, as you can see they are nicely designed too!

Neau water from Holland, sold in Supermarkets as an empty bottle, requiring the buyer to fill up from his own tap . Revenues are spent in drinking water projects in underdeveloped countries in Africa, Vietnam, Peru, and other poor parts of the world


Charity: Water offering you to buy (Virtual?) bottles of spring water and all of the money goes for others who have none. Think of it as water for water.


You can find out more in  Who needs designer’s water by this next, and in NOTCOT which are great sites and worth further exploring.

Thank you people.

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A beautiful Movie Style TV ad from Vodafone.

Believable insight.Great story telling with real entertainment value.

(via brainstorm 9 )

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Labello placed Kissing Points at airports and rail stations  (in Germany?). A lovely way to promote brand promise (lip care and sensual experience) and product benefit. (via Brainstorm 9 )


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