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 The ‘Coca-Cola’ Art Gallery is a collection of images that has been designed by leading artists and designers. They have all depicted their own interpretation of ‘The Coke Side Of Life’ philosophy. The work of the artists reflects various styles, personalities and cultures, and all designs have one thing in common: they are colourful explosions of energy, optimism and happiness.

Stunning works in there!

1223033477_87acf9eaf9.jpg 1224199383_317c2bf0e4.jpg

1224189099_4966a2bbed.jpg 1223055651_9faef3164c.jpg

Also at

Coca Cola UK



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These delicious ads combines the best of Italian food with the best of Italian fashion as a reminder about just how many of the good things in life come to us from the Italians.



(eternally cool)

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We found these 2 brilliant ads at Influx.

The ads are 2 different creative “big idea” solutions to the same work- life tension issue, which is given much attention today.


Solution: Dramatize the problem as a trap, so people wake up to face the reality.


Solution: Imagine if leaving work early was celebrated

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The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange launched it’s second open air exhibition along Rothschild Blvd, exhibiting artistically designed elements under a specific theme, created by artists commissioned by the different 100 leading companies listed on the TSE.

This year’s theme is “Global View”.

Each company received a giant ball to express it’s “Global View” .

Truth is we got tired and bored from crafted penguins, lions, benches, bulls and other animals which we do not remember, parading the streets during the last years.

But putting our personal feelings aside, here is the one we helped created for our friends at orange pus some others we liked.

1. orange

orange globe is a reflective planet, made from many little mirrors through which the people, the action the surroundings and the natural lightning , are constantly reflected while constantly changing.

At the center of the globe we printed the words: you are the world is you are the world is you …

This human centric and dynamic globus is of course a reflection of the brand’s philosophy.

Concept: Brandon

Artisit: Tzur Barak

At 5 PM


and some more…

2. An environmental globe created by Adital Ela , we do not remember for which company.

This globe has a wheel ,   the ball lights up in different colours by spinning it.

3. A globe in a bird’s nest

4. A clockwork planet or something, we didn’t get the idea but we liked it

5. The world is a tree?

6. A mosaic planet

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Weird but fun movie for Cadbury Dairy Milk involving an emotional gorilla drumming on a Phill Collins song. .

Cadbury’s explanation goes like this : “Drumming gorillas, Phil Collins and Glass And A Half Full Productions? Well it just seemed like the right thing to do. There’s no clever science behind it – it’s just an effort to make you smile, in exactly the same way Cadbury Dairy Milk does. And that’s what we aim to continue to do; simply make you smile. So if a drumming gorilla’s not enough, wait until you see what else we have up our sleeves.”

Well it sure worked on us.


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Daub and Bauble is making hand soaps, hand lotions and dish detergents that are strikingly beautiful and elegant to compliment any goodlooking kitchen or bathroom.


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Half of us spent the last week in Hong Kong.

Here are some souvenirs from this amazing city:


1. Design Gallery at the Exhibition Centre



2. Homeless on Gough st, Central


As you can see both shops (and some more) took part in a most clever campaign, seamlessly combining art and commerce, by artist Carrie Chau who chose to set his “Black Sheep” exhibition outside the traditional Art Gallery, at the heart of the grand Time Square shopping mall.


The exhibition feature over 100 pieces of original artworks, a 2.5m tall Black Sheep sculpture, the release of her new book and a whole range of new products out of her paintings which are also sold at the best design shops.

3. GOD on Leighton Centre, behind Time Square, Causway Bay

5 floors of sheer delight.



Hong Kong is a great place for meeting new exciting drinks in terms of flavours, textures and of course packaging.

Please note, we are clueless when it comes to alcohol, so we are sticking to  water, tea and juices…

1. Fresh and delicious juices by Ju-Ju’s in the nicest containers


2. Watsons water


3. Functional tea by Health Works – Chinese Urban Healing Tea

A brilliant concept of tiny little Tea Kiosks located only in MTR stations, offering hot cups to go and a huge variety of infusions, from positive thinking to pinkish glow, to vitality, focus, slimming and more.

Hard to  resist the promises.

4. 5 senses tea

Hard to  resist the package.


1. Mall Art

Like the big local and international fashion brands, art has been popping up all over Hong Kong  malls.

The 2007 Sovereign Asian Art Prize sponsored by Louis Vuitton, is yet another example.

This exhibition, placed at The Landmark, features 30 works by the finalists of  Asia’s largest art competition, the Sovereign Art Foundation prize.

Entries were judged both by a panel of experts and the public, this is our choice…A Boy and Girl , by Kumi Machida, Japan

2. Galleries

Some of the lovely images staring at you from the front windows on Hollywood St.

3. Market Art

A fantastic display on Cat Street, the Antique Market

4. Street Art

The 3 wise men guarding the street

Marketing and Advertising

1. M&M and Bossini – Miss Green Campaign

M&M’s has partnered with local apparel brand Bossini to promote its dark chocolate and crispy mint flavours which are green as the Bossini’s logo  .

The theme of the Miss Green campaign titled “The dark side and fresh side of Miss Green” asks consumers to vote for  either dark or fresh side of Miss Green, and will have the chance to win a trip to either Hawaii or Paris.

Bossini has launched M&M’s Miss Green collection of apparel and merchandise available in stores.

2. MTR campaign encouraging you to exercise on any chance you have

3. A funny Econimist Billboard


Billionaire Boys Club, a fashion open their flagship store in Hong Kong .

 The store which is designed by the allmighty Wonderwall (who has also designed stores for Bape), has three floors.

The first two floors themed under an “Ice Cream” parlor while the third floor takes you into space and onto the moon.


More about this store here.

That is all for now, we hope the next trip to  Hong Kong will come soon.

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