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So, just what does a man in Algeria between the ages of 40 and 45 feel about the McDonald’s brand? Or what does a woman in the Philippines between the ages of 26 and 30 think of Google’s brand? Brandchannel’s Brandjunkies discover what brandjunkies around the globe have to say about all things branding, from which brand is the world’s most inspiring to which one is in most need of a rebrand. Pay close attention—some of the results may surprise you.

What brand would you most like to sit next to at a dinner party?

The Top Five: Apple, Virgin, Google, Coca-Cola, Nike

What brand, if sent back 100 years, would have the biggest impact on the course of history?

The Top Five: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Ford

What brand that no longer exists would you resurrect?

The Top Five: None, PanAm, Atari, TWA, Cingular

Which brand do you want to argue with?

The Top Five: Microsoft, Apple, None, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s

Which brand inspires you the most?

Top Five Answers: Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Google, Starbucks

If you were to describe yourself as being a brand, what brand would you be?

Top Five Answers: Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Virgin, BMW

If you could rebrand any brand, what brand would it be?

Top Five Answers: Microsoft, USA, Ford, Coca-Cola, Pepsi

What brand can you not live without?

Top Five Answers: Apple, None, Coca-Cola, Google, Starbucks

What brand is most likely to revolutionize the branding industry in the next five years?

Top Five Answers: Apple, Google, Doesn’t exist yet, Facebook, Nike

What brand do you think is truly (going) “green”?

Top Five Answers: None, Toyota, BP, Body Shop, Honda

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New smart, beautiful, colourful and free spirited posters.






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This new ad from Nike just makes you feel so good.

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Beautiful, playful spot for the Playstation Network.

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Ben Hourahine the Futures Editor of Leo Burnett has put together a concise film of all that’s going on in the trends world.


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Great food packaging ideas we found at the package gallery:

Sivaris rice,  the graphic design is based exclusively on typography and color to distinguish the different varieties of rice. The packs are made with tubes and lids already existing in the marketplace, while the graphics are laser printed on kraft paper labels which are then adhered to the tube.


Fashion Food Instant Noodle (Thailand), HALFplastic, half body sleeve label. Noodle cup taken to the next level.


Mlsánek yogurt  cup and toy. Using the perforation children can make and play with the toy. Production technology using the solid cardboard label enables to lower consumption of plastics while printed is the cardboard not the plastics. Moreover the separateable label offers extra space for product&sales information including marketing purposes.


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A somewhat provocative ad from McDonalds, Sweden


“We don’t hire Turks, Greeks, Poles, Indians, Ethiopians, Vietnamese, Chinese or Peruvians.”

At bottom: “Nor Swedes, South Koreans or Norwegians. We hire individuals. We don’t care what your surname is. Because ambition and determination have nothing to do with your nationality. McDonald’s is one of the most integrated companies in Sweden, with as many as ninety-five nationalities working for us. Join us at mcdonalds.se.”


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