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Lovely outdoor promotion by Ikea , converting the cardboard box into a street showroom.






















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Industrial designer Michael Young has designed a new glass bottle for Portuguese olive oil brand Herdeiros Passanha.Oh My!


























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Honest Tea’s new line of organic, low-sugar, fruit-flavored thirst quenchers offers a great-tasting alternative to sugar-laden beverages in a greayt packaging


HONEST KIDS  also encourages kids to learn about   the importance of preserving our planet.

So they will donate $.02 per HONEST KIDS pouch to the school or organization of your choice, and will use the pouches to create fashionable bags and school supplies.

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Back in March, Starbucks asked their customers for ideas, it created a website and the ideas have been been flooding in, exceeding the expectations of the company.

It makes me think that every brand should be doing this, why not?

Here are the top 20 ideas that are being considered.

It’s a great list that includes new products and experiences, ways to reduce waste and more healthy items.

Option to not print Receipts

Complimentary Wi-Fi

The Road Trip

Great Conversations at Starbucks

Starbucks Facts on Cups

Punch card system

Coffee Ice Cubes

Dark Chocolate Mocha

Flavored Foam

More Sugar Free Syrups & Sauces (more than 180 posted ideas for this!)

Increased Personal Cup Discount

Healthy, High Protein Breakfast

Smaller Portion Sizes

More Whole Grains

Gluten Free Options (almost 150 posted ideas for this!)

Vegan Options (almost 75 posted ideas for this!)

Electronic Sign showing Song Now Playing

Birthday Brew

Name Tag / Sewn Apron (almost 50 posted ideas for this!)

Encourage commuter & in-house mugs (More than 200 posted ideas for this!)


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Soap folks Method have set up a pop up store on Broadway as part of a chemical amnesty.

New Yorkers can bring in their old chemical-based products and exchange them for Method goodness – and M-Fans can buy 5 products for $20 and get a nice eco-bag to carry them. There’s also a photo booth for folks to confess their cleaning sins.

The shop is built around the theme of ‘Detox New York’ and represents Method’s ongoing efforts to change the way people clean. The company believes that harsh chemicals and toxins have no place in your home, your body, or your cleaning products.

The shop is staffed with product experts who can answer questions about Method’s cleaning products and offer tips on their use.

 (PSFK, people against dirty)

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We love yogurt, we love nice appetising packaging..and we love it even more when the two meet .

Yoplait we met in France

 Gad from Israel


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see more here, here and here.

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