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Starbucks’ is launching in July a new “neighborhood” concept store under
the name “15th Avenue Coffee & Tea” (“Inspired by Starbucks”)
that adds beer wine, new food choices and live entertainment to the menu.
Starbucks sees it as:”the next evolution in coffee”.
The first three cafés will be in Seattle.

It will be intresting to see how it goes…




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A beautiful stopmotion film by Olympus ( amazing what you can do with a camera )

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These designs are delicious… Great concept by Marcel Buerkle,
a South Africa based designer.

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Coca-Cola has introduced 5 limited edition can designs.
Simple and refreshing !


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The 2nd episode in T-Mobile’s “happening” based campaign, called Sing-along.
(The 1st happening was T-Mobile’s “flash mob” Dance event )
The event under T-Mobilews “Life is for sharing” story involved getting 13,500
people singing along in Trafalgur square to Hey Jude in front of a huge karaoke screen.

The event had product linkage – the YouTube site promotes T-Mobile’s G1 phone:
“YouTube built in so you watch the film”. Nice way to of a cost-effective way to get impact
and stand-out. The scene of 13,000 people in Trafalgur Square is pretty gob-smacking. And makes you think, “Wow. How did they do that?” . The event
went on tour to other cities…”taking it to the people”.

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Glacéau, makers of vitaminwater opened a popup brand experience space in New York City to promote the launch of a new drink: vitaminwater10. As the name implies the new drinks contain only 10 calories per serving along with the vitamins and nutrients. The popup shop will allow consumers to sample the new drinks.

Check the site

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This is a question designer Tithi Kutchamuch explored through this design.
I would BUY !


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