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Help Remedies has just relaunched their packaging. Great work !
“Help is a new brand of over-the-counter healthcare products. Our mission is to make solving simple health issues simple. We find the best solution there is, and take away everything else”. Help Remedies first two products “Help I have a headache” and “help I’ve cut myself” launched in April 2008. They generated significant press attention from design, eco, lifestyle, business and media as well as sales both online and through selected retailers. The packaging is made of molded paper pulp and a bio plastic made primarily of corn.






More on their site: (www.helpineedhelp.com)


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Levi’s new campaign-titled Go Forth by Wieden + Kennedy Portland draws
on the brand’s heritage as the American jeans.
The Levi’s brand has been incoherent in the last few years, having lost the strong position it struck in the 80s and 90s. Go Forth campaign wants to reflect the brands history but also to refresh and reinvent the idea of a pioneering spirit for the times in which we live.
One can ask is it Levi’s or Abercrombie & Fitch?!







The new website: ( goforth.levi.com)
TV spot

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TODAY WAS FUN is a tea brand with a lot of personality and a great Manifesto:
“For centuries people have known that wisdom and advice, love and support, news and gossip, all go better with a cup of tea. Tea and philosophy go together so naturally it was obvious we should combine the two”. The Teastar is a great product in their line.


tea 2

tea 3

tea 4

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Following McCafe Marketing Blitz in May ($100 Million ) for its new speciality coffee line Starbucks thinks it has found the right answer. The high-end coffee retailer is breaking a series of long ads designed to tell the brand’s “story” while warning consumers about the dangers of trading down. It’s all part of its effort to combat consumer perception about its prices and separate itself from McDonald’s. Starbucks has generated buzz through a variety of channels, including ‘Coffee value and values’ campaign, sponsorship with ‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC and being named No. 1 best coffee by the Zagat survey, using Facebook and Twitter to tout its efforts. Starbucks is trying to get people… How expensive is a $3 latte when you think about other things in your life – like providing health care, working with farmers in areas where coffee is imported?

mac 0



Starbucks answer…






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Baked! Lays is celebrating its 15th year with a packaging design makeover. We are not talking on the design… but about the product architecture. Specifically, the fact that there’s no more dispute: It’s the Baked! line of products and Lay’s, Cheetos and the rest now play the role of, essentially, ingredient brands. The new hierarchy resolves the previous mess.
The advantage of this new hierarchy is that it allows Frito Lay to put more distance between the Baked! snacks range and other Frito Lay products and move it further into healthy snack territory They backed up the repositioning with a new marketing campaign: Only in a Woman’s World which connects Baked! to the other healthy snacks in the portfolio.

baked_lays_old 1


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A nice business card for fitness trainer Zohra Mouhetta. In a world of standardized and formatted business cards, its design not only complemented her profession, but also demonstrated the effectiveness of her personal training programmes by inviting the recipient to tear off excess flab. Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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Glacéau, makers of vitaminwater opened a popup brand experience space in New York City to promote the launch of a new drink: vitaminwater10. As the name implies the new drinks contain only 10 calories per serving along with the vitamins and nutrients. The popup shop will allow consumers to sample the new drinks.

Check the site

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