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A direct marketing from an Italian creative concepts designer
This is what was written inside:
” I send you something very personal. My finger. The one that thinks, the one that creates, the one that attracts, the one chooses, the one that differentiates, the one that begins, the one that causes. If you want to know the rest: http://www.xoseteiga.com



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Dutch brand Taga has launched an eco-stroller-bike, the Taga bike uses simple click-to fit technology that allows it to be switched from stroller mode to bicycle mode in just 20 seconds. That is understnading consumer !


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A nice business card for fitness trainer Zohra Mouhetta. In a world of standardized and formatted business cards, its design not only complemented her profession, but also demonstrated the effectiveness of her personal training programmes by inviting the recipient to tear off excess flab. Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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This is a question designer Tithi Kutchamuch explored through this design.
I would BUY !


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All the way from NZ… a light hearted brand.
Fresh ads for “just” orange juice. Advertising Agency:
Zephyr WPD, Auckland, Australia

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Who is dressing Up Coca Cola bottles ? It stareted with Cavalli in Italy,
than Manolo Blahnik and now designed by French designer Nathalie Rykiel.
( the daughter of famous fashion designer Sonia Rykiel )

Do you feel like having a coke ? ( I DO )

coca 2coca 1 cock-33

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Some lucky  LEGO employees get a business card like this, they even try to match the look of the minifig (gender, hair, glasses) to the person.

A brilliant way for LEGO to use their brand and to create some happiness along the way.


(chief happiness officer)

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