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Starbucks’ is launching in July a new “neighborhood” concept store under
the name “15th Avenue Coffee & Tea” (“Inspired by Starbucks”)
that adds beer wine, new food choices and live entertainment to the menu.
Starbucks sees it as:”the next evolution in coffee”.
The first three cafés will be in Seattle.

It will be intresting to see how it goes…




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A beautiful package design for a Red Bull Cola promotional piece.
Using a sturdy wood box, and real samples of the 17 natural ingredients of the cola, Design Friendship created a great presentation of the unseen raw material that goes into the drink.



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Perrier is making a comment on our age of digital conversation with this
new packaging developed by HartlandVilla, a graphic studio based in Paris.
Each product is wrapped in packaging that has bubbles of conversation



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These designs are delicious… Great concept by Marcel Buerkle,
a South Africa based designer.

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TODAY WAS FUN is a tea brand with a lot of personality and a great Manifesto:
“For centuries people have known that wisdom and advice, love and support, news and gossip, all go better with a cup of tea. Tea and philosophy go together so naturally it was obvious we should combine the two”. The Teastar is a great product in their line.


tea 2

tea 3

tea 4

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All the way from NZ… a light hearted brand.
Fresh ads for “just” orange juice. Advertising Agency:
Zephyr WPD, Auckland, Australia

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I’m not a snob about coffee – I like instant. Also, I am a big fan of the
Starbucks brand. The marketing world is being sceptical about its new
launch of Starbucks Instant coffee… I am not sure,
with the right brand and good brand work it just might work.


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