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Help Remedies has just relaunched their packaging. Great work !
“Help is a new brand of over-the-counter healthcare products. Our mission is to make solving simple health issues simple. We find the best solution there is, and take away everything else”. Help Remedies first two products “Help I have a headache” and “help I’ve cut myself” launched in April 2008. They generated significant press attention from design, eco, lifestyle, business and media as well as sales both online and through selected retailers. The packaging is made of molded paper pulp and a bio plastic made primarily of corn.






More on their site: (www.helpineedhelp.com)


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Brand Republic has a list of the 100 most mentioned brands on Twitter.
Here are the top 10: 1 Starbucks 2 Google 3 BBC 4 Apple 5 AIG 6 Amazon 7 Microsoft 8 Guardian 9 Dell 10 Coca-Cola

It is amazing that most of the brands on the list haven’t set up Twitter accounts yet!
For the full list go to:

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The 2nd episode in T-Mobile’s “happening” based campaign, called Sing-along.
(The 1st happening was T-Mobile’s “flash mob” Dance event )
The event under T-Mobilews “Life is for sharing” story involved getting 13,500
people singing along in Trafalgur square to Hey Jude in front of a huge karaoke screen.

The event had product linkage – the YouTube site promotes T-Mobile’s G1 phone:
“YouTube built in so you watch the film”. Nice way to of a cost-effective way to get impact
and stand-out. The scene of 13,000 people in Trafalgur Square is pretty gob-smacking. And makes you think, “Wow. How did they do that?” . The event
went on tour to other cities…”taking it to the people”.

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Glacéau, makers of vitaminwater opened a popup brand experience space in New York City to promote the launch of a new drink: vitaminwater10. As the name implies the new drinks contain only 10 calories per serving along with the vitamins and nutrients. The popup shop will allow consumers to sample the new drinks.

Check the site

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H&M spring summer collection is launched online with a
minisite . Users can change the models’ outfit just with a click,
the changing dress effect is great. The collection is connected
with Facebook, you can actually comment each single outfit
on the social network just like you do with your
friends’ photos (great brand connection with the youth)

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Brandchannel’s 2009 brandjunkie awards, highlighting the thoughts
of more than 4,000 marketers around the world.

Which brand provided the best retail environment?
The Top Five: Apple, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Ikea

Which brand launched the quirkiest name?
The Top Five: Snuggie, Koodo, Ziggo, Cuil, Timeless

Which brand produced the most innovative and enticing packaging ?
The Top Five: Apple, Coca-Cola, Method, Pepsi, Innocent

Which brand had the most successful viral marketing?
Top Five Answers: Facebook, Apple, Obama, Google, Nike

What brand orchestrated the most effective rebrand?
Top Five Answers: Pepsi, Walmart, Thomson Reuters, Xerox, Woolworths (Australia)

Which brand truly made an effort at being green and eco-friendly?
Top Five Answers: None, Toyota, Apple, The Body Shop, British Petroleum

Which nation brand improved its appeal the most?
Top Five Answers: USA, China, India, Australia, Brazil

What was the most inspiring brand?
Top Five Answers: Apple, Obama, Nike, Coca-Cola, Google

The big winner this year is Apple (again)

For more on Brandchannel’s 2009 brandjunkie awards:

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I’m not a snob about coffee – I like instant. Also, I am a big fan of the
Starbucks brand. The marketing world is being sceptical about its new
launch of Starbucks Instant coffee… I am not sure,
with the right brand and good brand work it just might work.


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