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The geniuses from Waskman came up with a very original idea to advertise the new Vodafone “Oficina Movil” (“Mobile Office”) service, communicating the 3G advantages for  small businesses .

So after a while of thinking who the target was they realize THEY could be the perfect target, so they proposed Vodafone moving their offices to the middle of Madrid and Bilbao for three weeks, writing about the whole process in a few sites.

they built  a glass “cage”  ten meters above ground level and conducted their business from there, while  a live webcam broadcasting what was happening inside the “new” offices.




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We just came back from GSMA mobile world congress in Barcelona.We were kindly invited there by the lovely people at modu, with whom we were lucky enough to work on corporate identity and creative concepts for this exciting event .
Together with more than 90 employees and partners, we took a day trip from Tel Aviv to Barcelona to witness  the buzz, excitement and curiosity around modu.Visitors were literally flocking around the tiny booth, potential partners and members of the press were crowded in the hospitality suit, wanting to know and see for themselves what this fuss is all about and who or what the hell is this modu?
Well, modu is the new clever invention coming straight from the people who brought the memory stick to this world, led by the visionary Dov Moran.

The modu concept  is  unique  in the mobile world, which like all fantastic inventions is quite simple really.

modu concept  is all about transformations, morphing, flexibility and boundless possibilities.

modu takes the regular mobile  handset concept and breaks it to two pieces, then you are left with:

1. modu – a sleek & tiny fully functional phone, which carries your data, memory and contacts all around.

2. jacket – the cover, in charge of looks and enhanced functionality.

now, imagine  you could take this little modu, slip it  into a variety of stylishly designed modu jackets and turn it into a multitude of different phones or devices in a matter of seconds, without needing to pay as much for those devices as you would if they were standalone products — sounds interesting, right?

But the dream does not stop here. modu has lots of friends, called modu mates. these guys are  modu-enabled consumer electronic devices such as Personal Music Players, Digital Cameras or DECT Phones. By slipping modu into modu mates you can infuse wireless capabilities to these mates.

Add to all of the above the affordable pricing, and you have, most likely, a winner.


The modu phone will be available from the 1 October in Israel, Italy and Russia to start with.

See catalogue here, read engadet fantastic report,with some more pictures.

modu flags:

modu billboard at the heart of the exhibition zone:
concept:brandon/ design:nascent


modu small booth is getting huge attention:


modu hospitality suit from the outside:


modu hospitalty from the inside, presenations are happening eveywhere…



modu display panels inside presentation room:

dsc00729.jpg    dsc00730.jpg

dsc00732.jpg    dsc00733.jpg

modu celebrity, posing to the non stop clicks of media cameras


good luck modu boys and girls, it was fun.

-more reviews from Barcelona unveiling:

zdnet,gizmodo, treehugger, pocketlint, cnet , springwise

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We found these 2 brilliant ads at Influx.

The ads are 2 different creative “big idea” solutions to the same work- life tension issue, which is given much attention today.


Solution: Dramatize the problem as a trap, so people wake up to face the reality.


Solution: Imagine if leaving work early was celebrated

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Nokia upcoming N Series is at the heart of a mysterious, brain-teasing website simply dubbed “070829.”

With eye-catching, un-branded banner ads leading to it, the site features floating shards of clickable pieces from what appears to be the N81 (a purported rival to the iPhone), which eventually merge and formulate a silhouette of the model.
According to rumors circulating around the blogosphere and even in Fortune magazine, the viral site, traced back to global interactive design firm Lightmaker–whose offices aren’t permitted to discuss the project at this point–is part a new full-scale music service launch from Nokia on August 29th (hence the above URL), which will include an offline London event at the Ministry of Sound nightclub and more importantly, the launch of the new Nokia website.

The destination, which already includes a WAP profile for the N81, will let consumers download songs to their PCs and then transfer them to mobile phones and other portable music players, which is a similar model to iTunes. Also its expected that Nokia will let users transfer songs to non-Nokia phones using digital-rights-management software.



(creativity on line)

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Fun site for the new Nokia N95 models created by These Days in Antwerp.

The idea: Computers have become so jealous of the new Smartphone that they decided to attack humans.

The site features testimonies, scar wounds, etc.



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Funny ad for unlimited texts bundle by Cingular

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To demonstrate Solo’s walkie talkie feature, interactive transit shelters with built-in, two way radios were placed in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary.

When people pushed the button they were connected live to another bus stop in another city.

Nice idea, graphic style looks very much like orange



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