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The geniuses from Waskman came up with a very original idea to advertise the new Vodafone “Oficina Movil” (“Mobile Office”) service, communicating the 3G advantages for  small businesses .

So after a while of thinking who the target was they realize THEY could be the perfect target, so they proposed Vodafone moving their offices to the middle of Madrid and Bilbao for three weeks, writing about the whole process in a few sites.

they built  a glass “cage”  ten meters above ground level and conducted their business from there, while  a live webcam broadcasting what was happening inside the “new” offices.



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2 interesting and colourful ideas to celebrate incoming spring:

1. The sound of color from The Gap.

5 colours, 5 musicians, 5 directors


2. My color, My idea from Pantone, inviting designers and the public to talk about colours and inspiration.


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Innocent drinks has launched nice little initiative where they are vowing to plant a tree in rural India and Africa for every large carton of juice purchased.

Each carton contains a unique code which can be registered online. Innocent then uses that money to invest in tree planting schemes with local community groups.

Local groups are allowed to choose the seeds of their choice and are encouraged to select trees that will serve a variety of functions and provide both food and income.

Over the next ten years, small payments are paid to the groups to ensure they are still properly managing the trees.

They’ve even got a virtual forest where you can view the trees you are personally responsible for as well as stay current on Innocents progress toward planting their goal of 100,000 trees.

Plus, they’ve developed an embeddable badge that automatically updates showing how many trees you have personally donated.


Lovely idea, lovely site.


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Weird but fun movie for Cadbury Dairy Milk involving an emotional gorilla drumming on a Phill Collins song. .

Cadbury’s explanation goes like this : “Drumming gorillas, Phil Collins and Glass And A Half Full Productions? Well it just seemed like the right thing to do. There’s no clever science behind it – it’s just an effort to make you smile, in exactly the same way Cadbury Dairy Milk does. And that’s what we aim to continue to do; simply make you smile. So if a drumming gorilla’s not enough, wait until you see what else we have up our sleeves.”

Well it sure worked on us.


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Nokia upcoming N Series is at the heart of a mysterious, brain-teasing website simply dubbed “070829.”

With eye-catching, un-branded banner ads leading to it, the site features floating shards of clickable pieces from what appears to be the N81 (a purported rival to the iPhone), which eventually merge and formulate a silhouette of the model.
According to rumors circulating around the blogosphere and even in Fortune magazine, the viral site, traced back to global interactive design firm Lightmaker–whose offices aren’t permitted to discuss the project at this point–is part a new full-scale music service launch from Nokia on August 29th (hence the above URL), which will include an offline London event at the Ministry of Sound nightclub and more importantly, the launch of the new Nokia website.

The destination, which already includes a WAP profile for the N81, will let consumers download songs to their PCs and then transfer them to mobile phones and other portable music players, which is a similar model to iTunes. Also its expected that Nokia will let users transfer songs to non-Nokia phones using digital-rights-management software.



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Powerful Honda print ,featuring ‘Hondamentalists’ – individuals who personify Honda’s racing spirit.


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