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A direct marketing from an Italian creative concepts designer
This is what was written inside:
” I send you something very personal. My finger. The one that thinks, the one that creates, the one that attracts, the one chooses, the one that differentiates, the one that begins, the one that causes. If you want to know the rest: http://www.xoseteiga.com



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HSBC recently surprised travelers at Heathrow Airport with a temporary, build-your-own magazine shop, where visitors were given the opportunity to pick and mix articles they liked from various mags to create their own ‘perfect travel companion’.

Over the two week event created by Cunning, 2,030 customized magazines were created, and more than 7,000 travelers visited the stand.

Watch the video for some happy traveler reactions:

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The geniuses from Waskman came up with a very original idea to advertise the new Vodafone “Oficina Movil” (“Mobile Office”) service, communicating the 3G advantages for  small businesses .

So after a while of thinking who the target was they realize THEY could be the perfect target, so they proposed Vodafone moving their offices to the middle of Madrid and Bilbao for three weeks, writing about the whole process in a few sites.

they built  a glass “cage”  ten meters above ground level and conducted their business from there, while  a live webcam broadcasting what was happening inside the “new” offices.



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Lovely outdoor promotion by Ikea , converting the cardboard box into a street showroom.





















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IKEA Japan has converted the Kobe Portliner Monorail into a moving showroom before the April 14 opening of a new retail outlet at Port Island. The redecorated train, which features a colorful exterior, bright upholstery and fancy curtains, will carry passengers in style until May 6.


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2 interesting and colourful ideas to celebrate incoming spring:

1. The sound of color from The Gap.

5 colours, 5 musicians, 5 directors


2. My color, My idea from Pantone, inviting designers and the public to talk about colours and inspiration.


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The Matter Box, is “a box full of interesting stuff” and “a new and unique idea in communications that brings companies and people together around real, physical stuff–things you can hold in your hands, keep in your drawer, or give to your friends. It’s a new way for companies to introduce themselves by giving you something you might like” AND “is a collaboration between Artomatic and Royal Mail.”

Lovely idea .





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