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Logo Lounge on logo deisgn trends. Very interesting reading.



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Ben Hourahine the Futures Editor of Leo Burnett has put together a concise film of all that’s going on in the trends world.


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Fallon strategic planners Aki Spicer and Alyson Heller explore the 360° influence that modern design has on the experience of  brands.


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The very sad and ridiculous story which most of us live…told by a great story teller, aided by a very clever animation – The Story of Stuff.


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Last week we attended the Annual Israeli  Events & Promotion Trade Show .

We were asked to talk about new trends in branding, here are the main slides.

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Decisions, decisions…. they are not getting any easier but they  surely bring more joy into our lives.

Here are some lovely examples from the land of the rising sun:

Breathpalette offers you to choose you toothpase flavor from a variety of no less than 32 flavours such as Cafe au Lait, Fuji Apple, Pumpkin Pudding and White Peach. (via the coolhunter)


Now, when your oral hygiene is sorted there is no problem for you to enjoy the sweet life and indulge yourself with 56 chocolate flavors, all color-coded and numbered, courtesy of 100% chocolate caffe . (via the coolhunter)


380041715_0401f1e0df_m.jpg  380041709_8062656222_m.jpg


 And to top it all, you can flatter yourself with a brand 3G mobile phone from the Sharp Pantone selection.  Only 20 colours there, much easier than choosing your toothpaste or a chocolate. (via Wireless Watch Japan)


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Those of you who knows us, already know that we are in LOVE with innocent drinks .

This winter promotion shows exactly why…Not only it’s cute and yummy  and make you want to hug these little bottles and offer them a home and your name… it also naturally and effortlessly responding to the knitting mania.

Ask yourself, if you met one of these cuties in the shop, could you resist it?

Well, for us, This is Branding. This is Marketing. This is Advertising. This is Word of Mouth.




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